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an open as. -- an openness. >> we get an update from the chairman of the dnc. >> president obama will be arriving thursday. there are different caucuses that have been seen today with different speakers. it has more of a feel of a real convention. we have seen a lot of barack obama merchandise and we did not see that in tampa with mitt romney. >> in my experience, republicans are a little bit more disciplined and a little bit more buttoned down. the democrats are little bit more improvisational. the only improvised moment with the republicans in temple was with clint eastwood. >> i was at a breakfast earlier today and somebody actually brought an empty chair onto the stage. it was one of the most energized moments i have seen so far. >> there is rain outside in charlotte. earlier james taylor was singing "carolina on my mind." we may have to hold off on that music festival. >> right now they are setting up for tomorrow. this has been a more relaxed opening to this convention compared to tampa. people industry carnival or very loose. -- are very loose. this is a democratic base th
it down. everybody right down somebody? what did you write down? >> michelle obama. >> harmony wrote down -- how many rode down michelle obama? half the group. why? >> her husband has got an army. >> she speaks with fire in her eyes. >> she would be a scary lady when she is mad. >> i would put paul ryan. >> i put michelle obama. i do not think it would take a lot to make her mad if you made her mad. to oprah.hat she did >> who do you want to mediate an argument between you and your spouse? who do you want to mediate between you and your spouse fax -- your spouse? an argument? >> you can we choose? -- who can we choose? >> clinton? how many said ann romney? >> she has a lot of familial experience. >> bill clinton. >> ann romney. >> she has a lot of experience and has been successful. >> let me try this. saturday afternoon, mitt romney has two free hours. no campaign, no anything. what do you think he is doing? with his two free hours? nothing. he has two free hours to himself. what is he doing? >> she is reviewing his investments. -- he is reviewing his investment. >> business related. wha
that got student loans because of the work of president obama, the 2 million latinos hold out of poverty, so the face of our party will reflect the values of our party. the platform is open, accessible convention will reaffirm that. >> can someone tell me what role has the university of california played in funding the obama campaign and also in funding the obama campaign? >> thousands of individual contributions from students. i am not quite sure the answer to that question. are you looking at no particular effort in charlatan? >> is it true that the university of california is one of the biggest funders of the obama campaign? >> i think that probably speaks to graduates' or students at the university who have contributed, but the you want to speak about what you are seeing on the ground in terms of support? >> i am a regent of the university of california and a graduate of ucla. go, bruins. they do not talk about what is going on in california, but california is very strongly in support of president obama. people ask me when i am washington, d.c., or campaigning, why would the mayor of
of the presidential debates, live on c-span, c-span radio, and c-span.org. watch and engage. next, president obama and secretary clinton received the remains of those attacked in libya. after that, gop vice presidential candidate paul ryan. >> president obama call the men who were killed in this week's consulate attack paycheck and great public servants who served their country well. ibya o were attacked in l were great public servants who serve their country well. this is 30 minutes. ♪ [playing slow, mournful song] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> let us pause for a moment of silence. let us pray. gracious god, on behalf of a grateful nation and in the presence of grieving family members and colleagues, we welcome home for the final time ambassador chris stevens, sean smith, glen doherty, and tyrone woods. we give you thanks for the lives and the service of these men who wanted nothing more than to make a difference in the lives of other people. to bring justice and freedom to others, who possessed not only character and resolve, but courage and good will. we mourn their loss. bless the memories of t
the everglades. his new book is really in depth look at obama's stimulus bill from all sides. substantive debate, what it did, how it changed the way we live, and all the political issues theit. and all the political issues surrounding it. sasha wrote about how a japanese delicacy is taking over the world -- sushi. now he writes for slate and works on books. his latest book that's out this week is called a victory lab. how campaigns target individuals through social science research, a new way of identifying voter interests. our final panelist, charlie, was the republican candidate for governor last election in 2010. before that he had a very distinguished career as probably the foremost expert on the state budget and a national leader in health care. turned an organization around. probably nobody better position to talk about an attitude aspect of this campaign, which is obamacare. nobody better positioned than charlie is. grateful he could join us. we want to have a discussion. i know politics can seem counter-pointy, but nobody here is representing any of the candidates, that i know of. i too
of evils. obama is already in there, and hopefully he is heading in the right direction than getting romney in there and starting fresh. >> who did you vote for>> who dr years ago? >> john mccain. >> so you are starting fresh. >> there is so much confusion, and what i want to know is how can you speak straight up to the american people so we understand what is going to be on the platform, what is it you're a good >> who did you vote for four years ago? >> obama. vice with president obama already being in office, -- >> with president obama already been in office, continue your plan, and then we will evaluate where we are, and i will determine whether i would go democrat again. >> you voted for years ago for? >> mccain. >> what are you thinking? >> it reminds me of the two- headed monster on sesame street where they are pulling each other at the end, but they get back together by cooperation and collaboration. >> who is the cooperation candidates? >> is that answerable? i would like to think romney is triggered strikes you would like to think rahm -- i would like to think romney is. >> you wo
and president obama in new hampshire. then a campaign yvette with mitt romney then a discussion of the august jobs report. president obama and vice- president joe biden along with first lady michelle obama and jill biden travel to ports mouth, new hampshire. this is one hour, 15 minutes. >> what a great crowd. you all are terrific. , that wead you're here are all here to welcome the president, barack obama, the first lady, michelle obama. and vice president joe biden. and it jill biden. to the greatest state in the nation. we are so excited to have the fab four in new hampshire. they have come here crash of their fantastic season in charlotte. this reminded us again of how very proud we are to have barack obama but as our president and michelle obama as our first lady. you know, president obama is fighting for what democrats have always fought for, and economy grounded in middle-class prosperity, an economy built to last. president obama knows that this is a make or break moment for the middle class. in order for the middle class to thrive, we need to restore the basic values of fairness and
romney wants to win with negative 30-second ads, he will out raise president obama. >> these the only things you cannot get rid of. it is between two pandora songs. it is the last place someone like me can bear -- can guarantee 15 seconds of your time. i think this will be something you see happening a lot more. >> you will be 37 on election day, you are having a second kid. you are working on the outside spending area. >> i'm working at an online strategy communications firm, and we have all kinds of progress of clients, like the unions, the naacp. i am making vide for them. same side of things, but the one thing that my videos no longer a star is the barack obama. >> does the president have a nickname for you? >> he calls me funnyman on occasion, because of my sense of humor. >> thank you very much. [applause] thank you very much for taking us behind the scenes, behind the lens. >> starting tomorrow, watch a gavel-to-gavel coverage. every minute, every speech, live here on c-span. coming up, the democratic national convention -- committee news conference. and then we will hear from
. this goes back to the beginning of the obama administration. in the first television interview president obamas days when he was sworn end with the foreign tv network, he promised he would provide middle east peace in our time. then president obama went on his first foreign policy trip to cairo. he spurned our longtime ally, the egyptian president mubarak, by inviting the muslim brotherhood, who at that time was outlawed in egypt, to attend his speech. he gave them a front-row ticket to his speech in cairo when mubarak's policy was to keep the destructive muslim brotherhood at arm's length. when you hear the muslim brotherhood's mission statement, you will understand why president mubarak would want to stop the violent muslim brotherhood. this is their macho. -- mott. -- motto. dying in the way of allah is our highest goal. it was even said that jerusalem will be our capital. i want to be perfectly clear this morning. even though the democrat party had a little trouble with this last week in charlotte, north carolina, the undivided city of jerusalem is not now, nor will it ever be anythi
is -- thing i'd say is we started spending $800 billion under president bush and president obama continued that stimulus package. unemployment was a little under 8% when we started the stimulus package. four years later, unemployment is 8.5%. so that indicates exactly what many of my brothers in the cpc have said to president obama, for various reasons it didn't happen, but if you are doing stimulus funding let's turn it to detro and atlanta and old cities, littles do the empowerment zones, target it toward our underserved communities and communities of color. we don't have any initiatives coming out of this administration, no empowerment zones such as you saw from president clinton. we've seen none of that come out of thisstration streags. so i'd say look, if we're going to keep spending, you've got to target some money. that's the same message the congressional black causeous said to the president on the heeled -- heels of president bush's spending. for whatever reason that was never able to happen. catch me on the side and i'll give you my thoughts on that. i'd also advise, you know, th
to get rid of is known as obama care and i'm going to get rid of it. [applause] now that doesn't mean that we're not going to make improvement to our health kay system. we know that health care is too expensive. obama care doesn't make it less expensive. when the president ran for office, he said he would cut premiums by $2,500 per family. obama care pas is up $2,500 a family. that's a $5,000 difference and for median family in america of $50,000 about, that $5,000 is a huge impact. has a huge impact. i'm going to go after getting the cost of health care to get reined in and by the way, i'm going to do that by taking on malpractice, i'll do that by letting individuals be able to buy their own insurance. without just getting it from their company. and of course, in health care, we have to make sure that people who have preexisting conditions are able to get insured and that folks that get sick don't get dropped by their insurance company. a lot of things that we can do to improve, but we don't have to have obama care that raises taxes. we don't have to have obama care that cuts medica
advisers to the obama and romney campaigns. >> i watch c-span every time special events are going on. any time something is going on, i want to watch c-span because they have the best, most unbiased view, so i love c-span. i watched them on -- i watch them on tv or online. i do not know if i have a favorite show. to me, it is just that whenever something is going on, i just know that c-span will have it. >> josh truitt watches cspan. as an's, brought to you public service from your cable provider. >> democrat tim kaine and republican george allen are running for the senate this year. they participated in a debate, moderated by nbc news. >> and good afternoon. welcome to the senatorial debate between democrat tim kaine and republican george allen, hosted by the fairfax county chamber of commerce. i am a moderator of today's event. i want to cover the rules of today's event. it will last one hour and will begin with opening statements, and then the panelists and i will pose questions. those questions are determined by the panelists, by us. they have not been reviewed by the fairfax chamber.
. next, president obama speaks to the troops at fort bliss. then mitt romney and paul ryan at a rally in florida. followed by a rally in richmond, virginia with paul ryan. >> president obama talks about a new initiative. while he was speaking to troops in fort bliss, texas. he met in private with a group of service members and their families. fort bliss, texas is where he announced the end of the war in iraq two years ago. this is about 30 minutes. thank you so much, everybody. leadership, leading our troops home. aftermath of hurricane isaac. state and local level. their hour of need. for welcoming here today. ray chandler. ronnie kelly. [applause] force in the world. missile defense command. ironside. first. military family here. [applause] received from your civilian knowledge two champions of fort bliss. also got all the great folks in el paso and new mexico. [applause] simple reason. life of our nation and military, operations in iraq. on a job well done. war, you were there. your speed and strength, the and less than one month. went back year after year. insurgent, you stood fir
obama -- and you were four years ago? he wants another famine years. but america cannot continue with the status quo. more americans have lost their jobs under president obama than any president hundred feet -- since the great depression. the jobs numbers just came out of our august with another disappointing month with only 100,000 new jobs. just this week, when the democrats were data for their convention, we solve the nationaln debt -- national debt scope over 15- -- go over 15 trillion dollars. we have suffered from one president -- an unpresident said -- unprecedented downgrading of our credit rating. you know that debt is not the way we need to go for this future. [applause] president obama, when he was a candidate in 2018, said it was on patriotic to act -- in 2008, said it was unpatriotic to add to the national debt. illinois now has been lost -- the most public debt per capita than any state in the nation. they have been most underfunded liabilities for their public pensions. they are $4 billion behind in paying their bills on time. when there was republican control of t
convention, president obama, vice president biden and their wives traveled to new hampshire. other speakers are speaking. this is one hour and 15 minutes. ♪ >> what a great crowd. you all are terrific. i am glad you are here. that we are here to welcome the president barack obama, the first lady, michelle, the vice president, joe biden, and jill biden. to the greatest state in the nation. we are so excited to have the fab four in new hampshire. they have come here fresh off of their fantastic speeches in charlotte. this week in charlotte reminded us again how very proud we are to have barack obama as our president and michelle obama as our first lady. president obama is fighting for what democrats have always worked for -- an economy grounded in america as -- middle-class prosperity and an economy that is built to last. present obama knows this is a make or break moment for the middle-class. in order for the middle class to thrive, we need to restore the basic values of fairness and balance that have made this country so great. if you work hard and play by the rules, if you should be able
to the best of our. -- our ability. >> as you take a minute, is this a broader issue with the obama's response to arab spring? >> in some regards yes. let me first take a moment and commend tim as i have before in his leadership on after -- after the tragedy on april 16th at virginia tech. as we learned from what we wrong and improved the safety of our colleges. tim, i commend you once again for that. now, in so far as national security, there are a lot of challenges facing us. we had an opportunity beyond the side of an uprising in iran years ago when people wanted a more free society in iran. i wish the president had said we're on the side of people who wanted to change that thee ok si but they stayed challenge. when ronald reagan called the soviet union the evil empire that gave them heart. that needs to be prevented. you have worries about particularly in syria, chemical weapons stock piles. you have attacks on embassies in libya and elsewhere around the world. this is exactly why it is so dangerous and so wrong to be playing these political games for the armed services. we need to have a
obama about china and he brought out his five point economic plan. [applause] >> thank you so much for that warm introduction. and for all your help and supportand congratulations to christina as well. thank you. good to be here. -- good to be home. i have a son here. and a grandson. hi, guys. [applause] it is an honor to be your guest and speak to you as we begin national hispanic heritage month. i am pleased to represent the party of governor susana martinez and marco rubio and ted cruz. [applause] these leaders are republicans for the same reasons as millions of other hispanics. they see ours is the party of opportunity, the party that will restore america's prosperity. at our convention, governor martinez described that experience that is so familiar. at the beginning of her career she was a democrat, and she got an invitation to go to lunch with a couple of republicans. the words "democrat" and "republican" did not come up. they talked about issues, such as how to keep welfare from becoming a burden to work. and how much government is needed because it becomes a burden to smal
in the future and repeal president obama's health care law. this is about 35 minutes. [applause] >> hey, everybody. how are you? thank you very much m. jane, everyone here, i appreciate the introduction and this chance to be with you in new orleans. you have had a busy convention. i know that many of you may time yesterday to volunteer around this great city. it was very much in the spirit of a group whose motto calls to the service of others. this country honors those who serve. we have set aside today as a nation to remember those men and women in uniform who were taken as prisoners of war or went missing in action. to honor those who have endured hardship and to remember those who remain missing, i like to begin with a moment of silent prayer, if you will. i thank you for that. thank you for your kind hospitality this morning. life at 50 +. i am not there yet, but i am told that it will come before you know it. [laughter] i'm a little more focused today on my 40's and in particular, the next four years. i have given a good deal of thought to later seasons in life. not just as someone
, as dictated by president obama down pennsylvania avenue, if they want to work a budget together and we can work these things out together, we can come back in a heartbeat. we'll be ready to go. but we saw with that supercommittee, just as i predicted in july of last year, they didn't want an agreement. apparently my friend talking in the last hour didn't know but pat toomey's made a proposal that would have caused more tax that is had to be paid by the wealthiest in the nation. that are already the top 18%, pay 39% of the taxes. well, if they get 39% of the income, they should. but they only get 13% income. but they wanted to pay more. here is a proposal in good faith by republicans we'll raise revenue, and it was reported here locally that, gee, some of the democrats said this may do the trick. we may get to an agreement now. this is great. thanks for doing this. we can reach an agreement. then they go away and must have talked to harry reid and president obama and you can see the game plan. you got to go back and tell them we are not going to reach an agreement because our best help for
into the calculation? >> overtime, if he were to look at what happened over the obama table tax cut took effect, that had an immediate affect on gdp. if you with the first quarter were too, people suddenly had more money. this was the increase in the cut in the social security payroll tax. people suddenly had money and you saw that go into the economy. when you're looking at the gdp mass, a cousin to the economy -- math, it goes into the economy. when you have something out, you have a sudden hit and the economy can start growing again after adjusting to that kind of shock. the risks for anyone saying we will recover after six months with confidence among consumers and businesses is the slow about our political situation, you run the risk of going into a self reenforcing downward spiral rabbit and gives up and decide they're not going to plan to buy a new car a year from now or invest in their new plant six months from now theory that it turns out to a much worse. it is very difficult to turn a recession around. this is what they're doing the basic gdp math without looking at the other facts. >
islamic radicalism and an element of political correctness in the unwillingness of the obama administration to publicly talk about islam being the cause of terrorism. do you think he would follow through on that? do you think he would move more to the bush second term formulation, which they would abandon the ideas and went for a softer approach? do you think he is just blowing smoke on that? what would be the impact of the u.s. started speaking more about islamic terrorism being a threat? >> q. did a great an entire religion based on the backs of a few is a poor policy. -- to denegrate an entire religion based on the acts of a few is poor policy. the reagan -- arabian peninsula will have a very warped view of the tire religion is a mistake. i think that probably comes from pressure within his party. the right wing of his party to make this a political issue, but i think it is misguided, and is bad policy. >> it is very unfair to norwegian white supremacy. [laughter] we have had a couple of really dramatic terrorist attacks that should stand for the idea that this is a proble
results. look at where president obama has taken our economy. 23 million people struggling to find jobs. the poverty rate in america is the highest it's been in a generation. half of all of our college graduates are either unemployed or aren't even working in the field they studied for. the president has put us on a path of decline, of debt, a nation in doubt. here's the good news -- we can fix this by electing mitt romney the next president of the united states. now president obama clearly came into office during troubling times. he likes to remind us of that quite a bit. here's the problem -- he made things much worse. so knowing this, the president can't run on his record. it's a terrible record. so what does he have left? he's going to have to distort, divide, demagogue, talk about fear and anger, anything but what we actually did the last four years because it's a bad track record. now, here's what we are asking you to do -- we want to earn your support. we want to deserve victory. we want to show you if we put the right ideas in place by electing the right leaders,e with can get t
that are the exact opposite. when you vote 98% of the time with obama and tell us you are a regular middle of the road, that takes a lot of guts. i have to give her credit for that. >> to what extent should the, still a matter? matter?ll >> i think he opened the view to how he thinks for missourians. they say a lot about how he views things, and that is where the need to pay attention. i believe a rape victim should be allowed to have emergency contraception in order to avoid pregnancy. todd akin does not. i believe his view is extreme and out of the mainstream for most missourians. he wants to abolish the middle wage. he wants to do away with student loans. think what would happen to columbia, missouri, it's the only kids who could get college loans were the rich kids. he wants to privatize medicare, privatizes security. he wants to do away with the student lunch program. he is one of a handful. i think there were four or five members of the united states congress that voted to eliminate the child nutrition program. the vote was something like 416- 5. i do not think that is the mainstream
why they want to hide from the american people. president obama and congressional democrats will make sure that people hold our colleagues accountable. the president has said to congress, stay and passing middle-class tax cuts. we need to extend tax relief to 98% of the american people. 100% of the american people would get tax relief on their first $250,000. 98% would get full tax relief. 97% of all past due businesses would get tax relief. the republican position has been, no, unless people like mitt romney, unless companies like bain capital get a bonus tax breaks, nobody else in america can get tax relief. it is no wonder that they want to cut and run. especially when you look at the next plan. look at the ryan-from the budget. but -- romney-line budget. what do they want to do? another round of big tax breaks for wealthy people at the expense of everybody else. if you are serious about dealing with our long-term deficit, the question is -- how do you choose to do that? if you provide another round of big tax breaks for people like mitt romney, it means you will cut seniors on med
: there are some money things i want to say. it isn't it funny that obama goes out in a speech and he cries about how romney as wind have all of this money, all this dirty karl rove money against him. was it like $800 million they put in the campaign in 2008? i am in the right to work state and i'm glad. if the teachers unions are ready to strike in chicago, they are in a mess. why does the press hold obama responsible for anything in chicago? he gets arne duncan to be the superintendent of schools. he got the subprime mortgages going with citibank. not one person talks about it. we hardly did not get any stimulus money. it is like in north carolina. you had to be a union worker to work in the convention center. isn't that discrimination? guest: back in the 2008 cycle, there were two unions who talked about how they spend $400 million on obama's campaign alone. someone in "the new york times" wrote about that. there's a lot of money in the political process. not that we separate out this money, but when one pot of money has compulsory power when they pay as a condition of their employment, that i
cannot afford them a more years of brought the bomb. >> wednesday, president obama and mitt romney meet in their first presidential debate. watch and engage with c-span. post debate, your reaction, calls, e-mails, and tweets. >> not a debate between former wisconsin governor tommy thompson and u.s. rep tammy baldwin. this debate is hosted by the wisconsin broadcasters association. the cook political report raised his race a tossup. this is one hour. >> good evening. radio and television broadcasters are pleased to continue our public affairs broadcasts tradition began in 1990 sponsoring debates in major political campaigns. the debate will be broadcast over 80 wisconsin television stations. this evening's debate will engage the two leading candidates in their first face- to-face debate. former wisconsin governor tommy thompson and second district congresswoman tammy baldwin. this debate is made possible by generous grants from wisconsin aarprsities and wisconsin. >> good evening, everyone. these are my friends. >> our universities and students are pleased to sponsor this debate between
, that is the foundation for balancing our budget. it is way too easy to demagogue this. i have listened to obama and romney who have both demagogued and misrepresented the facts. i do not regard people getting government benefits as moochers. if we do not address it, it will not be long before we are greece. >> the government has to honor its commitments. we need to honor commitments we made our seniors, and that is why i say, let me be clear, no one over the age of 40 should see their benefits cut or their taxes increase. promises were made by government and promises need to be kept. we need to make sure that all happens, and i believe there is bipartisan support to do that. nobody is going to watch social security fail. >> the promises were made to secure the votes of people over 65. since world war ii we have been doing it. it is a $60 trillion unfunded liability, and are we going to solve the problem? will we ignore it? and if we ignore it, god help the united states of america. >> recently at the national convention, republicans called for a constitutional amendment banning all abortions wi
cannot afford four more years of barack obama. we are not going to have four more years of barack obama. memo wednesday, president obama and mitt romney meet in their first presidential debate -- >> wednesday, president obama and money in the first presidential debate, hosted by jim lehrer from "the newshour." follow our live coverage on c- span radio and online at c- span.org. >> they just tell you the news straight up. there's no ads. that is arguably the biggest reason. i am a firm believer that the c- span video archives are truly a gift to the american people. it is arguably one of the most historical -- i would say one of the most historical archives there are. i primarily watch the "washington journal," the house of representatives proceedings, and c-span2 for the u.s. senate. >> jake young watches c-span. c-span -- created by america's cable companies in 1979, brought to you as a public service by your television provider. >> 3 political cartoonist presented some of their favorite works over the past year during and even recently hosted by the newseum in washington. they talk ab
advisers to president obama and mitt romney. it's hosted by the nationals association for business economics and it starts at 2: 30 p.m. eastern on c-span. -- there is allen facedd george off. >> 47% of americans see themselves as victims. do you share that vi? >> as i stated, the best social program of all is a job. >> do think half the country sees themselves as victims? >> i look positively at the people -- >> which you disagree with governor romney? >> i have my own point of view. our responsibility is to make sure that this is a country where everyone has the equal opportunity to compete and succeed and pursue their dreams. i will expand on this later. look at the records. who has created more opportunities? we want to help folks that are able-bodied and folks that are disabled want to work. that is a great characteristic of all americans. they want a government that reflects their values and gives them the opportunity to be a role model and to have a better opportunity. >> i do not think the statements -- it is very straightforward. they were divisive comments. we have seen t
to take my word for it. ask the chief actuary at medicare services. he works for the obama administration. his job is to look after your medicare. last year invited him to congress to answer a simple question -- if president obama's medicare cuts were used to pay for new spending in the obamacare, how can also improve medicare insolvency? his answer? they cannot. it is simple. you cannot spend the same dollar twice. his exact words -- it takes two says of money to make it happen. president obama never provided the other to strengthen medicare. there it is. from the guy whose job is to know it. if anyone tries to tell you that obamacare and strengthen medicare, ask them -- where is the other $716 billion? [mixed reaction] medicare is going bankrupt. everyone understands this. even president obama said last year, "if you look at the numbers, medicare will run out of money. we will not be able to sustain the program the matter how many taxes go up." the disagreement is not about the problem. it is about the solution. you might have heard about the approach mitt romney and i would take. i wil
they want macaroni and cheese. i don't know mrs. obama well left and say if she is -- she was surprisingly kind of reserved and quiet and tumble. ito laura bush a good deal better. the which travel to the middle east -- we traveled to the middle east. at laura bush is exactly what you think she is. she is lightly guarded but she has a sense of humor. i am not sure that that is something that people know. humor is very tricky because it is found in a reverence and as a first lady, you have to watch yourself carefully. but she is very funny and i will tell you a quick anecdote. we were looking at family pictures, and there are almost no indicators that a former president of the united states lived in this house. it is not like here is president bush in his flight suit. there is one picture, the what of all the president's in the office. i said to her, and you miss the white house? gigots -- she goes -- are you kidding me? >> for me, having not just about first ladies, but they all have potential first ladies. the stories that always tend to stick with me had to be that it is much harder for
the one i'd seen because the title was "obama votes against israel". this is an article dated may 29, 2010. and it points out in the article that the white house sided with israel's enemies, something that this nation didn't normally do, and basically demanding that israel disclose all their nukes. well, those who study the bible, biblical history, may recall that king hezekiah was a very good king in israel and things went pretty well but isiah was sent to confront hezekiah about what he had done with visiters who had come from babylon. and god knew what had been done but isiah asked and hezekiah explained and this is the new paraphrase version, but in essence he said, you know, all these wonderful leaders came over from babylon, so i showed them all of our treasure and if you get into the strict interpretations, translation, he basically says, i showed them our armory, all of our defenses. and isiah points out, you fool, you're going to lose the country because you've done this. no matter what point in history you are, when a nation shows all its defenses to its enemies that information
of a comparison. since president obama has taken office, the unemployment rate for 20-24 year olds has increased from 12.4% to 13.9%. median income for those under the age of 35 dropped by 10.5% from 2007 to 2010, more than any other age group. and more of today's 20 to 30-something are living with their parents than many of the generations that have gone before them. this president's failure to -- and this congress' failure to get out of the way of job creation. in 1980, 17% of adults, 20 to 34 -year-olds, had to live with their parents and that number today is 24%. at a time when these young people coming out of college face mountains of student loan debt, they can't find jobs. and, instead of looking and working to find ways to provide opportunities for these young people, president obama, and his policies are making -- setting the stakes for these people to be more dependent on the government. any way, that is just to highlight your point exactly, that is the sector of our population that is the product of tomorrow and they are unemployed. mr. gardner: add the fact that this generation gradu
locations across the united states. last week, president obama issued his historic executive order to further improve mental health services for veterans, service members, and the military families. it includes a hiring initiative of an additional 1600 mental health professionals, a 50% increase in the individuals who man the crisis lines 24/7 and a new campaign call "stand by the empirical our effort focus on m." we know that va care and the crisis line networks. our system is the best in the country. six -- since its inception, one element of that care system called the veterans crisis line has received more than 655,000 calls. we have made over 93,000 referrals for care and we have rescued nearly 23,000 callers from potential suicide. history shows that the cost of war will continue to rise in the coming decade. increasing the need to provide more mental health care that our veterans have current and they clearly deserve. we have learned from that experience that we still missed many opportunities to prevent suicide if only we had someone in care earlier in the process. time and
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